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I live in a pretty low-density town. With a population of barely 500 people, you run into the same people quite a bit. New people stand out a bunch, I thought to myself as I walked through the park with my eyes on somebody I’ve never seen before.It was pretty late, and the sun had begun to set not too long ago. I shrugged it off and figured that since I turned 19 and moved out recently, I can do whatever I want. I wasn’t the best looking dude, but I definitely wasn’t the worst. Especially in a small town like this, I’d probably rate myself on the more attractive side if it didn’t sound narcissistic.The girl I was looking at seemed similar in age, so I decided to approach her. She had curly dark hair which complimented her rather pale skin. Comparatively, I figured I’d have a chance so why not?“Hey,” I said with a smile, “you seem new around here.” She turned to face me, and in the awkward amount of time it took her to reply, I noticed that she was stunningly beautiful. Her bright green eyes shimmered against the setting sun, and her lips had a natural red tint to them. She was a small girl; however, she definitely had curves. Her breasts pushed against her shirt in such a way that it was hard not to glance at.Suddenly she slyly smiled as she noticed where my eyes had drifted, “well excuse me,” she said in a playful tone, “my eyes are up here.” I neverminded the awkwardness as she spoke – her words were melodious. Something about her instantly drew me in.We spoke for a bit before she invited me to sit down next to her due to the fast-approaching coldness. As I sat down, she snuggled against me. The touch of her skin was soothing in a way that I had never really experienced before. Of course, I’ve slept with multiple chicks before in my life, but she was… different, to say the least. After a bit more talking, I learned that her name was Lisha, and she eventually asked if I wanted to head back to her place to escape the up-coming cold. I smiled and nodded, and we began crunching our way through the leaves back to her house. Apparently, it wasn’t too far away from here. A notification rung out from my phone. I took it out to read it, but before I could, she snatched it out of my hand.“Hey!” I sputtered.She quickly raised it above us with the selfie camera open and snapped a picture before handing it back. She giggled and said, “you look cute.”As we went deeper into the park – or, more like the woods – something seemed a bit off. She turned her head, almost as if reading my mind, and said with a smile, “we’re almost there.”As she led the way, I couldn’t help but stare at her ass sway in her stride. Her ass stretched at her leggings in a way that made them almost see through.Eventually, we approached a relatively old log cabin as the last few stands of sunlight faded. It was decently big, and despite the age, it looked pretty nice all things considered. There was vegetation growing along the sides and there were some places where the wood had rotted, but the two windows shone with a warm yellow glow. As we walked up the squeaky porch stairs, she softly spoke, “I know it doesn’t look like much, but this was probably the cheapest place around town.”I smiled and nodded – houses definitely aren’t cheap, I thought to myself.We went inside through a wooden door and screen door, and it was quite homey. It was pretty cold, though. In the middle of the living room was an older rug that housed a pretty basic wooden coffee table on top. Next to it was a roll-arm couch housing a small, but strange stain on one of the arms. On the opposite side of the couch, there was a small flatscreen TV on a bookshelf full of DVDs and books. On the other side of the room from me, there was a fireplace in the corner with a crate of firewood near. The door to, presumably, her bedroom was to the left of the fireplace. Another door was directly to my right as I stepped in, which I could only guess was the kitchen.I watched as she moved over to the fireplace to fuel it. The way her body moved had me entranced – as she bent over, her leggings hugged against her pussy. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing any underwear, but unfortunately, her leggings were too thick to see anything.As the room got warmer, we talked about her house. Eventually, the conversation shifted and eventually she asked a pretty surprising question, “Hey – so, what do you think about being tied up?”I looked at her strangely, “I mean... it’s kinda strange,” I wanted to say. Something about the way her eyes peered into mine made me keep it to myself. Instead, I smiled and said, “I mean… I’ve never tried it before, but it sounds fun!”“Oh really? Well…” she began to spoke, but her voice faded away as I couldn’t pay attention. The sound of her voice and her beauty distracted me as she eventually began to pull me into another room. Suddenly, I found myself being pushed down onto a bed with my arms above my head. I could hear my heart pumping my dick full of blood as it pushed against my pants and her legging-covered pussy. She gently rocked her hips against my throbbing cock as she secured a rope around my hands to the bed. She looked me in the eyes as a smile formed across her face, “this is gonna be a night you won’t forget.”Despite the dark nature of the room, I could still make out her nipples poking out at her shirt as she continued to rock her pussy back and forth. As she pulled her shirt off, her tits gracefully popped out and began to sway with her rocking hips. I went to grab them, but the rope around my hands stopped me. She smiled and whispered, “frustrating, isn’t it?”Just as I began to feel her pussy juices encroach through my pants, she began to pull my pants down. My dick flopped against my belly with a meaty whack.She traced her hands along my chest, down to my belly, and began to trace around my dick with the tip of her finger.“You’re a big fella, huh? No wonder you’re so horny,” she whispered with a smile. Suddenly, she gripped my cock and before I could gasp, she began to jerk me off. The touch of her skin alone had made me want to cum, but she bent over and began kissing me on my chest and nipples. Each tender kiss sent prickles down my spine and left me with my jaw hanging open. As she stroked me up and down, I didn’t last long. I felt the sensation of an orgasm build up in the tip of my dick, and with each stroke of her delicate hand, the sensation began to quickly encroach the rest of my pre-oozing member. My cock began to throb uncontrollably as I sent out the biggest load I had ever had. She slowed down, and with each stroke, another rope of cum went flying out onto her tits, face, and belly. My body shuddered with each rope of cum as the orgasm throbbed from my dick and balls up to my belly. She kept stroking, and just as I was done cumming, she bent down and gently wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and licked up the mess that was on it. Her mouth was so warm and wet, and the feeling of her beautiful lips sliding alongside my shaft was enough to put me on the edge. She pushed her tongue against the topside of the tip of my cock, and each time sent a spark of uncontrollable tingling ecstasy throughout my body that made me twitch and forced my back to arch.Barely five minutes after I came, I began to cum again. With each gentle suck sent another load deep into her throat. I felt each and every load leave my balls and jet out of my cock, and each time sent a delicious wave of ecstasy through my body. I could hear her softly gulp my cum down occasionally – it was like she was drinking from a straw! The orgasm was similar to the last but left a tingling sensation in my belly that trailed up to my chest and head, and down to my cock and balls. I had never felt this way from cumming, but it somehow kept me rock hard! Eventually, she slowed her sucking and jerking down as my orgasm faded. She let loose of my cock with a ‘pop,’ and looked up at me with a smile. She climbed up on top of me and stripped off her leggings, which had quite a large wet spot in the crotch. Her pussy looked smooth and tight. Her clit poked out ever so slightly amongst her pussy lips, which beautifully hid everything else. I could see trails of pussy juice going down her legs as she hovered her vagina above my throbbing cock. She rocked her hips up and down while sliding my cock in between her pussy lips. Each rock of her hip would leave a light squelch sound as her wet pussy gently rode along my shaft. I couldn’t help but moan as her pussy went over the sensitive spot on the underside of my dick. Her delicate lips felt immaculate against my cock, and she almost seemed to moan each time my cock throbbed against her clit.She gently took ahold of the shaft with her hand and guided the tip inside.As the tip of my cock slid inside her tight and nourishingly warm pussy, I immediately felt yet another orgasm build up. Her pussy was so tight as I entered, it wrapped around my cock perfectly as her unnatural amounts of natural lubricant made it sweet and slick to slide in. As she slowly guided me deeper and deeper into her delicate vagina, the wave of my orgasm kept increasing. Eventually, my cock would slam directly into her cervix and crash my wave in a tidal of ecstasy. “I’m..- gonna..” I could barely moan out as my balls began to eject more cum deep inside of her. Once she felt the tidal wave of cum exiting my dick, she moaned in ecstasy as the warmth of my cum filled her deep inside. She continued to ride my dick, which kept my body locked in a state of constant orgasm. Her beautiful vagina tightly wrapping around the entire length of my cock had me feeling warm. As she pressed her hands against my chest, I felt an unknown feeling consisting of warmth-riddled ecstasy irradiating from my chest, belly, and cock as I continued to eject my cum inside of her.Despite my balls feeling empty, I was somehow still cumming as she picked up the pace. With each and every load that ejected in ecstasy, the tingling sensation that I felt from earlier kept increasing. Despite the feeling keeping me rock-hard earlier, it somehow began to interfere with my erection.With each and every load I shot into her cervix, my dick got just a bit softer despite how good it felt. After a few minutes, I had came too many times to the point where my dick had grown too soft and began to slip out when suddenly, I could feel her pussy gripping even tighter onto my dick. She rolled her head back as I felt her vagina quivering around my softening cock as her orgasm shook her to her core.As she came around my cock, I continued my own orgasm. I couldn’t tell if I was still cumming as it didn’t even feel like I had balls anymore. As well as that, I could also feel an ungodly amounts of both of our fluids pooling on top and below me. The tingling sensation was an itchy fire at this point, and I couldn’t help but to squirm around. I went to go feel my chest – as that was where the sensation was most prominent – but my hands were still tied. It felt like a sensitive, but good, pressure was building up beneath my nipples. The only thing that felt as if it would scratch the fiery sensation was more of her. Yet, despite how horny I was, I wasn’t able to get an erection anymore. Between the amount of pleasure from this seemingly never-ending orgasm and this amazing fiery sensation I was experiencing, it was almost as if my mind were melting.Eventually, her orgasm began to recede and my still-orgasming cock slipped out with a little squelch. She immediately grabbed my cock and began to hungrily suck at it. Despite the wave of orgasms increasing in ecstasy with each and every suck and twiddle of her tongue, my cock felt as if it only grew softer somehow as the tip of my cock sent throbbing waves of pleasure throughout my body.She eventually pulled my ever-softening cock out of her mouth and continued to gently stroke it.“Y’know.. that itch that you’re starting to feel?” she asked coyly. I looked down at her, and despite the darkness, I could still see the shimmer of her eyes. “Y-yeah,” I managed to squeak out. My voice felt strange, and.. it sounded strange, too. I disregarded it; however, as she continued.“I can scratch that for you..” she whispered, tracing her fingers down past my cock and down to my balls. However, it felt.. weird. Different. A light shock of terror pierced my heart as she thrusted a finger deep inside of what used to be my balls.I gasped and moaned as I felt a different type of pleasure fill me up as her finger entered my hole. She slowly whispered to me, “ever wondered what it’s like to be a girl?”“H-huh?” I said weakly. I looked down, but her hair had gotten in my face. I whipped my head to move it and strained my eyes against the darkness. Immediately, I knew that something was wrong. The first thing I noticed was my chest – there was no mistaking that I had somehow grown breasts! A deep sense of horror pierced my heart as I strained through the dark to look further down. There she was, smiling next to where my cock would originally be. Except, she wasn’t stroking a cock anymore – she was rubbing a clit! But.. it was my clit! Her smile grew wider, “Mmhmm, this is what a vagina feels like,” she slowly spoke as she drove two fingers deep into my new vagina. I screamed as the pleasure was immaculate, yet horrifying. It was something I had never felt before, and yet.. despite how much I hated the fact that I was tied up and lost my manhood, I couldn’t help but accept the pleasure I was experiencing! I couldn’t stop myself from moaning as she prodded my insides with her fingers. Her fingers felt so warm as they pushed deep inside of me, and as they squirmed around within me, I could feel them gently yet pleasurably stretching my insides out. While a part of me felt completely demoralized, another part was enjoying this too much! I couldn’t stop myself from cumming. I felt my insides tighten as a different wave of pleasure that I had never felt before crashed throughout my body. I couldn’t stop myself from arching my back to the point it hurt, I couldn’t stop my legs from shaking, and I definitely couldn’t stop squeezing her hand deeper into me with my thighs. I could feel her touching something hard, deep within me. It was somewhat painful, but a majority of it was overwhelming in how good it felt. “Oh,” she said with a bright smile, “your cervix seems to be in perfect condition, too. I did a really good job with you!” “P-please… s-“ I struggled to get out before she cut me off,“Please what? Keep going? Of course!”She took her free hand and began to gently caress my breasts, which sent another sexually energizing feeling down through my belly and to my vagina.I could hear my heart beat faster and faster as she continued to caress both my tits and the insides of me. Between all of the emotions I was going through, whatever I could see of the room began to spin around me.“Uh, oh,” she spoke, yet her smile never fading, “you don’t look too good.. I’m sure you’ll wake up in.. a better condition tomorrow. Sleep is the key for a process like this, y’know?”A chill went down my spine as she spoke. As much as I wanted to stay awake, the pounding of my heartbeat began to lead to this horrible migraine. I suddenly felt sick to my stomach as the unfathomable amount of lust faded away, and reality began to set in.She sat on top of me and stared at me in silence for awhile as my suffering slowly led to my slumber.She began to softly speak as I slowly drifted, “Y’know, you can’t trust anyone,” she smirked a bit, “especially more so now that you’re a girl!” She continued, “You’re probably one of my finest specimens, actually. Good for me, and a bit dangerous for you. Look in the mirror tomorrow, and you’ll see. Buuut, you might want to be quick about it.”“You see, I don’t own this house. I don’t know when the owners come back, either, but the owner is someone you don’t wanna mess with.” She giggled a bit, “yeah, I wouldn’t ever live in a dinky dark forest. I’m not some typical succubus, y’know!”“Anyways, there is som…-” she continued, however, I couldn’t make out the rest of what she said. Something about being normal? I couldn’t tell as I drifted further and further out of consciousness.