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Fucking Lisa, Part 1I was your average high school boy, good looking, quite well built, but quite shy when it came to approaching girls for the first time. I had only ever had sex with one girl, although I had licked and fingered a few other pussies before.Lisa was NOT your average high school girl. She was 17, 1.75m tall, blond hair, blue eyes, 36C tits, a perfect tight ass and a smile that could melt the polar ice caps. I had seen her so many times and often wished I had the guts to talk to her.I started reading a few books and articles on how to approach women and to be more confident (Hoping they could help me). I knew Lisa used to work out in the gym after school, as she was a good gymnast and used to often train on her own. Sometimes she'd train till late, as I'd see her going home after dark. When I had the guts, I'd wave at her as she passed by my house. She'd always replied with a friendly smile.I decided to get in some extra weight training for the swimming season and headed to the school gym, after the school had been deserted. I got a spare key from the gym teacher to get in. I was hoping that Lisa would be there. I walked into the gym, and saw Lisa practising a floor routine. She was so supple. Lotsa potential!!! I greeted her kindly and she smiled back. I nearly melted.I put my kit down and proceeded towards the weight section. Suddenly a voice called my name “Ashton”. Was it Lisa? I turned around to see her approaching me. “Ashton? That is your name, right?” “Yes” I said. “I’m Lisa” she replied “Pleased to meet you” she continued as she put out her hand. I shook her hand. It was so soft for a gymnast. “Likewise” I said. Lisa smiled again.She continued, “Would you mind helping me stretch, seeing as I’m always here on my own with no one to help, I haven’t stretched properly for a while.” I nodded shyly.She moved her back against the wall and lifted her left leg up and asked me to come and push it up towards to wall. I took hold of her calf and pushed it up. She rubbed her hammy as I pushed. I looked down and saw her gym pants pull tightly across her pussy lips. I had never seen such beautiful, full lips. My cock sprang to life, as she rubbed down her leg, nearly touching those lips. I let go and she put her leg down, lifting her right leg. We did the same thing. Lisa rubbed down her leg again and looking down she noticed the bulge in my shorts (I was not wearing underpants). I thought she would push me away and freak-out or something, but instead she rubbed over her pussy. My cock went harder. I let go of her leg and she put it down and dropped to her knees, taking my shorts down with her.My cock sprang to life right in front of her face. She loved what she saw; I was completely hairless (Like a porn-star) and very big (Like a porn-star). She smiled eagerly.Without even hesitating she licked the tip of my throbbing cock. Then she began to envelope it with her soft lips, spreading warm saliva over the entire length of my shaft.She broke her lips away from my cock and sucked on my hairless balls, already tingling with intense pleasure, and then returned to my cock.She sucked harder and harder, rubbing my balls with her fingers, until I began to groan with excitement. This was the greatest blow job I had ever had. She kept going for a while. She sucked like a pro. It became too much for me and the cum started to build up in my balls. I told her I was going to cum. She didn’t look disappointed at all, instead she just said, “cum in my mouth right now”. I blew my load as I grabbed her hair and shoved my cock hard into her mouth.Sticky cum was dripping from the corners of her mouth as she struggled to keep it all in, swallowing quickly. I almost collapsed on top of her as my legs went weak with pleasure.She fell back on the mat and pulled me down on top of her. She kissed me and I tasted my cum in her mouth. I loved it. I lay next to her and rubbed her tits as she slowly pealed of her gym tights. There was no underwear as she revealed a Brazilian style, blond cunt. Her lips were even fuller without the tights constricting them. She turned around on her knees, over me and planted her cunt on my mouth as she sat up.My tongue flicked out immediately, and I licked her cunt in a frenzy. I pushed my tongue deep into her cunt. She spread her legs wide, allowing me to stick in as much as I possibly could. I licked her clit hard and sucked in her lips. I added a finger for increased pleasure, pushing it in deep. She jerked back and forth violently, until finally, she exploded into an awesome orgasm, almost screaming. Her pussy juices flowed out into my mouth. I lapped up as much as I could. The rest ran down my cheeks and onto the mat.When she got her breath back and finding that I was quite hard again, she lay down on her back, and beckoned to me. I moved between her legs. Her legs went up in the air. I stared down at her cunt and falling forward I shoved my cock into her gaping, drenched pussy. Oh god. It was incredible!!! I started to rub her breasts through her sports top.As I began to pump in and out, she placed her heels on my ass, shoving me in even harder. She wanted more! The feeling of my cock sliding in and out, the sight of her gorgeous face, the feeling of her rounded breasts, the taste of her juices still left in my mouth and the sound of her panting and groaning almost made me cum right then and there. I relaxed and slowed down slightly to delay my orgasm. I squeezed the base of my cock to help from cumming. Soon she had one of her own, arching her back and rocking about wildly. I was getting very close now. I didn't want to cum in her cunt, YET.With a final thrust, I pulled out quickly, leaving her lying there, shaking. I grabbed her ankles and pushed them towards her tits, exposing the most beautiful ass I had ever seen. Lisa grabbed her legs and held them there, keeping her ass in the air. I shoved two fingers up her wet cut and then rubbed her juices on her exposed ring. I pushed the head of my cock against her ass and slowly pushed it in her tight hole. Lisa squealed in ecstasy as I went in deeper, slowly, until I was buried to the hilt in her ass. Lisa shuddered with pleasure. I saw her ass stretch around my big cock. What a sight!!!I started pumping long, slow strokes. Gradually I pumped faster and faster. She reached down and spread her ass out wide. She pushed two fingers up her cunt, working them in and out in time to my thrusts up her ass. Her cunt juices were dribbling out over my cock, making it slide in out and out of her ass more easily. She started rubbing her hard clit with her other hand, driving her harder towards another orgasm.I could feel the cum building inside me… It rose inside of me slowly, building pressure and speed. I began to moan, and just as she climaxed, my cum shot up my rod and out my cock at the speed of light, again and again and again. Deep into her ass. I thought I was never going to stop. She forced me in deep with her legs. It was fucking incredible. As we calmed down, I collapsed on top of Lisa, with my cock still buried deep in her ass. I lay there kissing her neck, tasting her sweat.Slowly I lifted myself from her. I pulled my cock from her ass. Lisa still had her legs drawn back, showing off her wonderful pussy and well fucked ass. I looked down and saw the cum slowly dripping from her rear fuck hole. I reached for my one towel and started to wipe the cum from Lisa's ass, my soft cock and the floor.Lisa smiled up at me and pulling me back down she whispered in my ear "Let’s get you cleaned up, so I can suck and fuck you again" I could not believe my ears. I stood up, pulled Lisa up and then put my arms around her, kissing her deeply. I pushed my cock hard against her tummy, making it slowly harden again.We grabbed our clothes, and headed towards the girl's locker rooms. Knowing that the school would be empty, we didn't bother to put our clothes on. In the locker room, we took off the rest of our clothes and jumped into a shower. Lisa turned on the water and we held each other for a long while as the warm water washed over our bodies.Lisa got the soap and started washing my body from top to bottom, spending extra time on my cock and ass. She rinsed me off and then I returned the favour, paying extra attention to her pussy and ass. I bent down and with my face by her cunt, I reached around and pushed a finger up her stretched ass and moved it in and out a bit. This made Lisa moan with pleasure. She turned her back to me and bent forward, showing of her puffy cunt lips. I took in the fucking hot view as I started licking her cunt. She pushed back hard, so I could get my tongue in deep. She moved from side to side as she started rubbing her clit.I, who was hard by now, stood up and shoved my cock into her from behind. Lisa let out a squeal. I pumped hard at Lisa’s cunt, while she rubbed her clit. She was again heading toward an orgasm while she pushed back in time with my thrusts. Her moans became louder and louder. I suddenly pulled out and Lisa nearly fell over when she pushed back.I turned Lisa around. She went down on her knees and started sucking my pussy-juice covered cock. She rubbed my smooth balls, massaging them with one hand while squeezing my ass cheeks with the other. I loved it. She reached up with both hands and raked her long nails over my chest. I looked down at my cock in her mouth. The sight nearly made me cum. Lisa sucked harder and deeper than ever. She then stopped, stood up and said to me, “I want your cum all over my tits, my tummy and my pussy”.We got out the shower, dried off in hurry, my cock still hard and Lisa’s pussy still dripping juices. Lisa lay down on her back on one of the benches with her head hanging over the side. I stood by her head, facing her feet. She greedily took my cock in her mouth and started sucking. I bent forward and rubbed her cunt lips and clit between my fingers. This caused Lisa to suck even harder. As I neared my orgasm, I pulled my cock from Lisa’s hungry mouth. I started pumping my cock and Lisa sucked my balls. I shot another huge load over her tits, her tummy and her pussy. Lisa shook with pleasure as she rubbed it into her skin like a lotion. I kept pumping my cock, till the last few drops fell in Lisa’s waiting lips.Just then we heard a gasp. We both looked towards the door and saw Lisa’s hot friend, Tracy, standing there, staring at us, with her mouth wide open. We were both so shocked that we didn’t even try to cover up.